Sewer and Water System Upgrades Coming to Hot Springs

Sewer and Water System Upgrades Coming to Hot Springs

Hot Springs has something excited to look forward to – they’re getting an upgrade to the town’s aging infrastructure.

Recently, the town passed a resolution allowing it to apply for a $500,000 grant to aid in funding the upgrades. The grant is backed by the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality and is part of the governor’s Hometown Strong initiative which “aims to pump financial support into a number of rural communities around the state.”

For the town, the grant money would be used to switch the town’s water treatment facility from a gas-chlorinated system to a liquid chlorinated system. And this is just the start of the improvements they plan to make.

In time, the town will eventually need to replace all of the water lines and sewer lines in the city and probably put in a new sewer treatment plant, which the state and the federal government will help fund.

While talking about repairing or replacing aging infrastructures is easy, many communities face challenges with improving their underground water infrastructure.

If the community is located in a rural setting, reliable water infrastructure is a key to increased economic opportunity and improved quality of life. Some infrastructures can be as old as 100 years and haven’t even been touched.

While the treatment plant isn’t the only water problem the town is experiencing, they’re also waiting to see if the federal government will provide $1.2 million to revamp the sewer system.

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