North Carolina’s Leading Water Resource

On July 16, 1976, the North Carolina Rural Water Association, Inc. (NCRWA) was incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the authority of the NC Secretary of State. NCRWA’s modest, yet service-focused, existence was much the vision of the initial Board of Directors. Organized from the very beginning to serve as “the voice” of the water and wastewater systems across the state, NCRWA quickly took its place as a leading advocate for the members in the state and soon afterwards, assisted in the organization of the National Rural Water Association to provide a consolidated voice for systems in the nation’s capital.

In 1977, NCRWA began providing on-site technical assistance and training for systems and operators across the state. Later adding Source Water and Well Head Protection Planning to its services, NCRWA quickly became recognized as a leading resource in all of these areas. Today, NCRWA continues these efforts by providing services from Board Training to Rate Studies to Leak Detection Assistance to Certification Schools to ensure that our members are able to meet the ever increasing demands placed on them. Although the list is too long to include every service, NCRWA has developed a reputation for assisting with just about any need a system has. NCRWA also has a reputation for great leadership amongst its ranks.  However, like many organizations, early days were less documented than recent years but more information is coming to the forefront as many are utilizing the resources offered.


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