Greensboro’s Pilot Program for Sewer Testing

The City of Greensboro believes in spotlighting growth and economic potential in the best interest of its population of 250,000.  Currently, the city is developing a pilot program to conclusively inspect a (PCCP) prestressed concrete cylinder pipe water main. The Water Resources Department has been instrumental in recognizing the need for new construction, which will include several major sewer system expansion projects, totaling $22.5 million. Required infrastructure includes approximately 87,900 feet of 16-inch water main, 42,700 feet of 16-inch force main, and a sewer lift station. The city’s pilot project is designed to accurately test the condition of PCCP water mains that remain susceptible to corrosion.  The main testing site is the 19,000-foot Bryan Park Water Main, a 36-inch PCCP transmission main at the Townsend Water Treatment Plant.  Standing in for the Bryan Park Water Main was the Bridge Point Water Main, a 2,000-foot length of 30-inch PCCP main with few residential customers. This water main could be temporarily isolated and depressurized with little to no interruption of service in case a complication arose during inspection.

Greensboro’s water pipes have been successfully replaced using directional drilling and pipe bursting, and rehabilitated with internal epoxy spray pipe lining. Techniques chosen for sewer pipe renewal include directional drilling, pipe bursting, slip lining and cured-in-place pipe lining. The pilot inspection has changed both the city’s inspection protocol, and the direction that will be taken for the Bryan Park project scheduled for May 2017.  Attributed to the results, the city has implemented PCCP inspections every five years. Additionally, the city plans to focus more heavily on joint inspections.

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