Charlotte’s Plumbing Guide for Pressure Reducing Valves

There are a few remedies to help you with water pressure in your home.  If the pressure is low products like water softeners or filters may reduce water pressure if recently added or needs to be serviced. A water leak in plumbing can also affect pressure. If you have a pressure reducing valve (PRV) installed to protect your plumbing, it may need adjusting. Most PRVs are installed after the water meter or before the water heater. Talk to a plumber before adjusting it. County building codes require pressure-reducing valves to be installed on new or remodeled residential plumbing where water pressure exceeds 80 psi. A PRV reduces the water pressure coming into your home, if needed, to protect your plumbing much the same way that a surge protector protects your computer or television.

A licensed plumber can assess your current plumbing system and recommend whether a PRV is needed for your home. Customers who already have a pressure-reducing valve on their plumbing should have it inspected by a licensed plumber to ensure that it is in proper working condition. Pressure-reducing valves, like all plumbing, has a lifespan and will need to be replaced in the future.  Whether you’re looking for the best plumber in your area or have questions about the trenchless CIPP industry, Perma-liner Industries can help you.  For more information call us or go online to 1-866-336-2568

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